Semiorder Preferences and Price-Oriented Buyers in a Hotelling Model. (Accepted)

Females show more sustained performance during test-taking than males. (with M. Oosterveen)

Sequential Choice of Sharing Rules in Collective Contests (with S. Flamand, O. Gürtler and O. Troumpounis)

Test Scores, Non-Cognitive Skills and Economic Growth (with M. Oosterveen and D. Webbink)

Non-Cognitive Skills and Individual Earnings: New Evidence From PIAAC. (with B. Anghel).

Linking Individual and Collective Contests through Noise Level and Sharing Rules. (with S. M. Chowdhury and O. Troumpounis)

Parental Non-Response and Students’ Test Scores

The Increase in College Premium and the Decline in Low-Skill Wages: a Signaling Story.

Strategic Choice of Sharing Rules in Collective Contests. (with S. Flamand and O. Troumpounis)

Research Papers:

Technological change, campaign spending and polarization (with A. Casas and O. Troumpounis)  PDF.    Presentations at: Econometric Society Winter Meeting (December, 2018), GRODE Workshop in Game Theory (2018), Political Economy Workshop Rotterdam (2018).   R&R Journal of Public Economics

Framing Effects on Risk-Taking Behavior: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with L. Ezquerra and I. Hernandez-Arenaz) PDF R&R Experimental Economics


Work in progress:

Soft-Commitment and Recycling in the Digital Era : Evidence from a Field Experiment (with E. Alonso, L. Ezquerra and I. Hernandez-Arenaz) (Draft coming soon)